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Quick car sale

How to sell a car quickly

By in Car selling advice on March 31, 2014

For whatever reason you decided to get rid of your current vehicle, finding the owner can be an ordeal. With the used cars market literally inundated with cars for sale and the financial crisis looming on the horizon, you may go weeks or even months before you finally manage to hand the keys over to the new owner. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can speed the whole process up and we’d like to present them here. They are provided by the professionals – used cars dealers from all across the US. Well, no matter what you think about them, the guys really know their stuff. Learn more about how to sell your car in a rapid, yet painless way!

  1. Lower the price below the average

    “Cars cheaper than the average sell like a dream. Their condition doesn’t matter. I got thousands of calls every week for a car that’s listed at a low price. It’s the digits that count most”

    John, used cars dealer from Arizona

    Lower car price below average

    Well, this advice may not necessarily be too profitable. After all, if you consider and take into account all the expenses that you have made for the car, selling it under the market value does not sound like a very good deal, does it? However, this could be a great option to take into account in case there are some big investments lurking around. This does not only pertain to expenses you may have in your life, but also some serious failure that your car may be about to have. For instance, let’s imagine that the turbocharger has to be replaced, even though at the moment it’s running fine, yet, it’s only a matter of a few miles. When you realize that you don’t want to keep the car anyways, it’s better to advertise it with a lower price. This way, you’ll have a clear conscience (as the buyer will still got the cash for repairing it,) as well as you would have gotten rid of a true problem.

  2. Make the ad look attractive.

    I get more hits for cars that are described and shown in a fancy way. This is the power of advertising so vital in this business.

    Ron, used cars dealer, Pennsylvania

    We live in the days of a very highly digital culture. No matter if you like it or not, most people will turn their eyes away from your car in case it is not shown in an attractive way. This pertains particularly to all types of Internet car listings. Don’t forget that the Web is really all about pictures. Just browse websites like 9gag or reddit and you will see that large chunks of text have been replaced by pictures. And keep in mind that the Internet people are a bunch hugely accustomed to it. So, how to translate this into posting an ad for your used car on the Web? First off, be sure to take good pictures. This means, you would have to choose some nice neighborhood. Places like the yard in front of a garage or a car wash are not necessarily the best idea. However, you can think about a nice parking in front of a national park, for instance. In addition, be sure to take really detailed pictures. Do not forget to make a picture of what’s under the hood. Also, do not be afraid to show dents or scratches. This boosts your credibility in the buyer’s eyes.

  3. Add some extra stuff.

    “People would be lining up for cars that got some extras. No matter how cheap they are!”

    Andy, used cars dealer, Arizona

    Bonus for selling car

    Got some extra stuff to give with the car? As a matter of fact this may lure a potential buyer! A GPS device, for instance, that is worth a few bucks only would really give some additional points to your car in comparison with others! Obviously, you will need to put an emphasis on all the extras in your listing. Otherwise, the buyer may take it for granted and not pay any attention to this. Among the extras that really count are electronic items of all sorts. Do not hesitate to give out your radio, GPS, cell phone handle, whatever, you name it. Their value is usually so little that you should not bother about selling them anyways. Plus to that, it’s always a good idea to hand over things like engine oil or coolant, You would probably not use them for your new car, anyways, would you? We’re a bit hesitant about winter tires, though. When they are relatively new, you should definitely think twice before giving them out to the buyer. However, if you got a set that is rather old, don’t worry about that at all.

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